Pollyanna’s K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum

When equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills of racial literacy, we believe today’s students will shape a more racially just and equitable world. This belief is most profoundly reflected in our free K-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum.

We’ve written a position paper titled: Pollyanna Curriculum & Learning for Justice Review to help faculty when implementing our curriculum.

Please reach out to [email protected], if you would like support implementing the Curriculum.


In our Curriculum, students are presented with opportunities to examine and explore fundamental values related to identity, community, and justice. Additionally, the curriculum ensures that students develop concrete academic and leadership skills that result in a more robust vision of social responsibility and global citizenship.

Without a sincere effort to understand the historical roots and current problems caused by race and racism, we will continue to passively accept the status quo. Helping students become racially literate is one of the best solutions to these persistent problems.

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