Pollyanna 9-12 Racial Literacy Curriculum

Pollyanna’s High School Racial Literacy Curriculum integrates topics of racial justice into rigorous content designed for high school instruction in eight different subject areas: Advisory, Art, Biology, English Language Arts, Health and Wellness, History, Math, and Technology.

Educators will find that the lessons in this curriculum use topics of racial and social justice to explore content-area themes and to solidify discipline-specific skills. In addition, every lesson aligns with nationally-accepted, subject-specific standards, along with learning outcomes from the Learning for Justice Anti-Bias Framework.

Every lesson in Pollyanna’s High School Racial Literacy Curriculum includes a set of Objectives, Key Understandings, and National Standards, as well as a list of important Vocabulary and necessary Materials. Many of these lessons also include Demonstrations of Learning, activities that allow educators to assess their students’ progress; Extension Opportunities for educators who want to expand on the topics of a given lesson; and Additional Resources that may be useful for both teachers and students in gaining additional background knowledge.

Students may enter the classroom already having absorbed common misconceptions about race and racial literacy. The lessons in Pollyanna’s High School Racial Literacy Curriculum are designed to help students use discipline-specific skills to uncover, articulate, and deconstruct these misconceptions while developing new, critical understandings of how race functions in their lives and the lives of others.

For more information about Pollyanna’s High School Racial Literacy Curriculum, we recommend checking out the Curriculum Preface, which is designed for teachers, parents and guardians, and school administrators.

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